Verve London Pet Boutique & Bar Lounge


I hear the pitter-patter of little paws and playful woofs as I take a pause, to look around the luxurious Verve pet boutique located in Notting Hill, London.


Glimmering chandeliers glow magnificently, clear as crystal yet have a double take and you will see that these lights are made of wine glasses, hanging down as if to offer you a drink. That’s because this quirky boutique has a café bar so you can unwind in style with a glass of Champagne whilst your pooch is being pampered. Making this a great place to chill out and meet other pet owners. This vibrant hangout spot is lit up with rich colours illuminating the bar and boutique, whilst a diffuser fills the air with soothing fragrance from essential oil. With such an amazing and unique atmosphere, events are held here including Halloween parties.


At Verve, your canine is accommodated in all manner of means, not only does this pet parlour boast a café bar but also a pet crèche, grooming salon, hound hotel and a shop displaying deluxe pet accessories and products. Swarovski crystal collars will catch your eye as you wonder down an Aladdin’s cave of pet treasures. Delicious doggy delicacies can be found here if your pet is peckish, including an ‘Iced Woofin’, a muffin for dogs, or how about doggie popcorn? All made by the Barking Bakery, which are perfect teatime treats for your dog.


Glistening within this canine collection is a selection of sophisticated aluminium bottles that will catch you and your dog’s attention. Naturally, your pets’ wellbeing is significant at Verve; they only want the finest for your dog so they are fully stocked with Bonnie and Bailey’s dog grooming products. High quality and proud to be the first and only British dog grooming products that are approved by the Soil Association, so you can guarantee you can trust what you are using is organic. Bonnie and Bailey’s ingredients are handpicked, premium essential oil which will relax and cleanse your dog, no wonder it fits in well in this luxurious pet Boutique.


As I stroll away from this fascinating visit a poodle with extraordinary stylish fur bids me farewell, wagging its tail goodbye.

Explore what Verve has to offer or  book an appointment by visiting their website:

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